What are the basics of the Redact Author feature?

PerformYard released the ability for administrators to redact (i.e. hide / "anonymize") the names of authors on review forms in order to mask the authors' names throughout the review process. While administrators will always be able to see the authors' names, managers and employees alike will not be able to see the names of the other employees that have provided review input and feedback when this feature is turned on for a review form.

PerformYard empowers administrators with the responsibility to manage and track all review assignments - so for that reason, a PerformYard review will not be fully anonymous. This redaction capability is only designed to limit the exposure of an author's name to a review subject and their management. It does not make an author's name fully anonymous to all users, so administrators will know who completed a form and what they may have written.

For non-administrators, on dashboards, forms lists and PDFs, author names will disappear or be displayed as "Anonymous" so that who authored a form is not shown.

For more information about the redact author feature, please review the following video:

How do I know if a form I am filling out will have my name redacted?

If you're a user assigned to fill out a redacted author form, you will see two things to indicate it:

  1. The author's list on the right hand side when you're completing a form will show all authors, including yourself, as Anonymous.
  2. The statement "Author(s) have been redacted for non-administrators" will appear below the statement about visibility of the review to the subject.

You are going to see your own name at the top of the page as the current author when you're doing it, but nobody else other than administrators will see your name. The name(s) of any preceding or subsequent authors will also be hidden; names of signers will always be displayed, but they will not see author names either.

What else should I know about this capability?

  • This feature can only be used by an administrator or billing administrator. Managers or group administrators that have visibility into or permission to edit forms/authors/due dates will not have the ability to assign redacted forms nor will they be able to modify forms already set to redact authors by an administrator.
  • This feature must be enabled by administrators on a form-by-form basis. It is not turned on by default, though it can be added to a form in a template.
  • Enabling author redaction is distinct from a form's visibility to the review subject. If a form is visible to the subject, but has author(s) redacted, the subject will be able to read all answers provided verbatim but not see the names of who contributed as an author.
  • Signers on forms cannot be redacted. These will always be shown, along with any comments they write as attributable to them.
  • While an author's name may be hidden, the content provided in answering questions may provide clues to the author's identity, and that content is not altered or redacted in any way. Content can only be edited by an author on a form, so it's incumbent on the author(s) to not reveal their identities through their answers.
  • Author names will be replaced on all exports and PDFs. Versions of these reports/exports available to administrators do not display author names so that they can be shared without revealing author identities.
  • The Assignments list (under Company Info – Reviews) will show names of all individuals assigned review forms whether or not they are relate to forms where authors are being redacted..
  • An employee's "Forms I Need to Do" list that shows all forms they are currently assigned for that employee to complete will include all forms set to redact authors; administrators will be able to see these. Where a user is awaiting submission from someone else, that other person's name will be hidden such that they will not know the name of the other user that currently has action on the form.
  • This update slightly modifies the interface when using the 'send back' function because we will not display the to/from on any send back comments when authors have been redacted. We will only display the send back comment as to why (but, as a reminder, what someone may say in those comments could reveal author identities to others, so we would recommend that you avoid putting the author's name into the send back message).