PerformYard introduced a third level of administration based on customer feedback that would allow additional administrative support to manage PerformYard, specifically with a focus on adding employees/employee onboarding, but without access to sensitive information like performance reviews. This article describes all of the permission levels.

The new Basic Administrator has full access to the Administration section (under the gears icon in the upper right), so they can assist with the setup of PerformYard. The details below give insight into what Basic Administrators can do.

Basic administrators can…

  • Add new employees and deactivate others
  • View all data fields about each employee
  • Make other users Basic Administrators
  • Manage data fields in the system, including creating/updating/deleting
  • Create data reports and exports
  • Create and manage group assignments
  • Edit/create review forms and templates
  • Edit status report formats and timelines
  • Manage goal settings including company-wide categories and outlooks
  • Upload company documents
  • Create workflows and signature request templates
  • Assign and manage workflows

Basic administrators cannot…

  • See any performance reviews other than their own
  • Set up or manage reviews/review cycles
  • View status reports
  • View goal details for other employees
  • Create top goals or assign goals to others (outside of anyone below them in the chain of command)
  • Assign group administrators, as that gives access to reviews and status reports
  • View employee documents

Keep in mind that you can also combine these permissions with those of a Group Administrator to provide access to review/status report information for specific employees, and that Basic Administrators can also be managers of other employees.