Connections allow you to bring together multiple different questions answered in a review into a single performance graph. Further, they also allow you to translate answers to multiple choice-type questions into numeric values that can be graphed.

Consider the following:

In your first quarterly review, you had a final question titled "Overall Rating" where employees were rated using a 5-option multiple choice question. On the next review, you evolved the form to include a numeric question called "Final Performance Rating" where employees were instead rated on a 1-5 numeric scale. Then finally you started using a different question called "Overall Calculated Rating" that was instead a numeric calculation question (based on a series of other ratings) that resulted in scores ranging from 1-5. However, for the purposes of viewing employee performance trends since that first quarterly review, you want to see these values on the same graph. You would create a connection including all of these questions.

Connections are created in Administration, where you’ll select Reviews on the left side and then Graph Settings. All of your existing connections will be listed. Click Create New Connection to build a new connection that can be used in a graph.

First, provide a name for the connection so you will be able to select this specific connection when building a new graph. Then begin to add the questions you want to include. These can be numeric, rating scale, numeric calculation or multiple choice type questions. All questions that are added will be included in graphs that are created. Click Create Connection to finalize your new connection.

Where you have added a multiple choice question, you will be prompted to add the corresponding numeric values to each option such that they can be graphed. If you do not add a corresponding value for any answer choice, that data point will not appear on a graph. Note that you can create a connection that only includes one question – for example using a connection to only provide values for answers to a multiple choice question.

Click Save Connection to finalize your updates. Click Back to Connections to return to the list.

You can click on the name of any existing connection in the list of all connections to edit or delete it. To edit, you may update the name, questions included or numeric values for multiple choice questions. After making any updates, click Save Connection. To return to the connection list, click Back to Connections. To remove a connection, click the appropriate delete link at the bottom of the page. Note that you cannot delete a connection that is currently used in a graph without first deleting the graph.

Once a connection has been created, you can select it when building a new performance graph. Note that connections will be indicated with an icon when searching for them as part of the new performance graph process.