You can find recognition that you've given and received by clicking on the Recognition link from your My Info header. You'll initially be defaulted to viewing all recognition that you have received. On the left hand side, however, you'll see an option to toggle to recognition that you have given. The view below shows recognition given.

In these lists, recognition will appear in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Click on the name of any individual that you recognized to see the content of what you wrote. In lists of recognition you received, you can find the content of recognition that you have been given.

Where you have given recognition, you have the option to permanently remove that recognition by clicking Delete recognition.

In both cases, you can click Add Filters at the top to filter the recognition lists. With filters you can:

  • Filter by Subject (for recognition given) or Filter by Author (for recognition received)
  • Filter by date ranges by entering in Before and/or After dates to find recognition that meets those parameters
You can then also export recognition by clicking Export As .CSV at the bottom. This export will only include recognition that meets any filter parameters you have set.