Whether it’s kudos for a big win, a shout-out for assistance or a thank you for going above and beyond, recognition in PerformYard is the place where you go to acknowledge performance of others.

To give recognition, hover over the + sign in the lower right hand corner to reveal the option to give recognition.

After clicking, a window will pop out from the right for you to enter the text of your recognition using the following pieces of information:

  • Note: the content of the recognition. This is where you put the comment that you want everyone to see.
  • Subject employee: this is the person you are recognizing. This may default to a specific person if you were already on a page referencing that employee, but you can otherwise start typing the employee's name to find them.

After completing the recognition text and subject selection, click Post Recognition.

Once posted, that recognition will appear on the subject employee's dashboard (along with that employee's manager's dashboard and in the company activity stream). You'll also be able to reference recognition you have given or received via the Recognition link in the header.