PerformYard offers administrators three different views of goals within their organization: an overview, a goal tree and a filterable list. Each of these is available from the Goals page of Company Info. For information about how to create a goal, please reference this article; for information about how to manage a goal over time, please reference this article.

The Overview includes a set of graphical representations of goal performance across the entire organization.

Clockwise from top left, these include:

  • Outlook by Due Date: A bar chart that shows the preceding two months, current month and next three months, with bars indicating the number of goals with each outlook that are due in each month, plus the number of completed goals due in that month and the number of goals where no outlook was selected.
  • Active Goal Outlook: A pie chart that shows the number of active goals with each outlook.
  • Goal Activity: A look at recent activity within each goal, telling you how many goals had been updated in 30 day increments.
  • Goal Metrics: The number of goals created, completed and overdue within the past 30 days.
  • Active Goal Completion: The average completion for every active goal.
The Tree shows a dynamic view of the relationships of active and completed goals to the organization's Top Goals, which appear just below the blue box. You can expand and collapse this tree to locate specific goals as needed. 

Each goal includes the assignee and representations of the goal's outlook and progress. Hovering over the upper right of any goal will provide a link to that goal specifically.

The Goals list provides access to every goal in the organization. This list is defaulted to active goals, and shows the assignee, name, due date, status and progress of each goal (along with the corresponding outlook color).

Clicking Add Filters will allow you to change the list of goals shown. A menu will appear where you can change sort options and filter by Alignment, Goal Level, Goal Name, Assignee, Outlook, Category and Status.

You can also export any goal list to a .CSV file by clicking the download icon to the right of the filters. This will export the current list of goals (based on any filters). This export will include:

  • Assignee
  • Goal name
  • Description
  • Status
  • Last Status Update
  • Categories
  • Start date
  • Due date
  • Last update date
  • Outlook
  • Current value
  • Target
  • Units
  • Current progress
  • Transparency
  • Alignment
  • Alignment assignee

Administrators have the ability to fully delete any individual goal from PerformYard, but the goal must first be archived for the option to Delete to be available. Individuals can be given permission to fully delete their own goals or allow their manager to delete their goal as well; those permissions are set in the Administration - Goals section.