PerformYard allows users to categorize goals and select an outlook, as well as provides the option to determine if the goal overview and alignment are visible to all users, if all users can delete their goals, if managers can delete their employees’ goals, and the option to be able to set goal transparency to private as default. Categories and outlooks are used in various reporting and filtering for goals across PerformYard. These selections are set up in the Administration section. To do so, navigate to Administration and select the Goals options signified by the check mark in the left menu.

Visibility for the tree and overview, along with permissions to allow users to delete goals and set goal transparency as private by default are set with check marks at the top of the page. By default, these are unchecked, so organizations can determine preferred permissions.


To add new categories, simply type the name you want and click Add Category. You may edit or delete existing categories by hovering over the name of the category and selecting either the Pencil (to edit) or the X (to delete). Editing will update all goals currently using that category. Deleting will not allow new goals to use that category, but will not remove it from existing goals.

Outlooks include a combination of a color and associated words. PerformYard includes a set of defaults (Green, Yellow and Red along with corresponding text). You may add new Outlooks by selecting a color (using the name of a color or its hex value) and the context. Then click Add Outlook. To edit or delete an existing outlook use the Pencil or X found after hovering over the name.