To view notes that you have taken, click on the Notes link from the My Info menu. All of the notes that you have taken will appear in the left-hand column, including the subject of the note, date the note was last updated and title of the note will appear. Click on any note to view its content on the right-hand side. The details of that note will appear, along with options to Edit Note, where you can update the note’s content, or Delete this Note, where you can permanently remove the note.

Your notes list can be filtered using the Add Filters link in the upper left. With these filters, you can:

  • Change the sort between Date order (where more recent notes appear at the top) and Title order (where notes are alphabetized by title)
  • Filter by subject by typing in an employee’s name and selecting that person from the list
  • Date ranges by providing After and/or Before dates to restrict the list to those notes that fit that timeframe.

After adding any filters, click Apply Filters.  To remove filters, click the clear link above any filter.

You can export your notes to a .CSV file by clicking on the link below the notes list. Any applied filters will extend to the export.