Notes is a feature that allows an employee to record private comments about performance in PerformYard. Notes are entirely private to the user that takes them.

To add a note, hover over the + sign in the lower right hand corner to reveal the option to create a note.

After clicking, a window will pop out from the right to enable you to take a note. Each note has the same format:

  • Title: Notes are automatically titled as “A note taken on…” and the date on which the note was taken. However, you have the opportunity to change the title of the note to anything you would like.
  • Note: The content of the note itself, to include any comments you want to record.
  • Subject Employee: The person about whom the note is written. To enter an employee, begin typing that person’s name and then select from the list. Notes that are not given a subject are automatically associated with the employee that is taking the note.

After completing the note, click Add Note.