PerformYard includes a standard report in the Reporting section for administrators that details all field changes that have been made in PerformYard to employee data fields. To view this report, click the link to the Recent Changes report.

This report includes the following five columns. Some of these columns are filterable. These columns include:

  • Subject: The employee whose data was changed. This is filterable by employee.
  • Field: The data field that was changed. This is filterable by field.
  • New Value: The new value for that data field. In some cases, the new value is blank, designated by "cleared value."
  • Date Edited: The date that the data field was changed. This is sortable by Ascending or Descending, but also filterable for a date range by clicking on the calendar.
  • Updater: The user that made the data field change. This is filterable by employee.