The process of adding external reviewers to an in-progress or upcoming review is straightforward once the review has been set up. First, however, you will want to consider the questions you want the external reviewer to answer. These may require you to create a new form, just as you would create any other review form. You'll likely also want to add that new external form to the appropriate review template. This way at least one external form is already present in the template when it is assigned.

In all reviews, a blue and red striped “air mail” border distinguishes an external form.

When the review has been provisioned, either as part of a cycle or as a one-time review, navigate to the review to which you want to invite an external user. Select Add External Form from the Options menu in the upper right. Enter the form name, name of the person you are asking to complete the review, that person’s email address and an optional personalized message. Also set if the review contents will be visible to the subject. Click Create to add the form.

Where the review template assigned already included an external form, you may edit the placeholder and complete the information the same way. Once the external form has been added, you will have options to Send, View and Edit the review. If the review has not been sent and you would like the invitation to go out, click Send

Once sent, you can no longer edit the parameters. The email will appear as below, with a link to complete the review and the personalized message in the body.

Until the review has been completed, you will have the option to resend the invitation. This will send duplicate email to the reviewer. Note that you can only send this invitation at most once every 24 hours.

Once the review form has been completed, the completion message will appear above the name of the external form. To see the answers, click View. You can also change the visibility setting by clicking Edit.