When you have been assigned to-dos as part of PerformYard's workflow function, you'll see the number of open to-dos next to the icon above the calendar on the dashboard. Clicking that icon will take you to your workflow to-dos list.

PerformYard has two types of to-dos: actions that you are asked to complete and documents you are being asked to sign.

The top section of this page identifies for you the number of Overdue and In Progress to-dos that you have been assigned. The graph on the right side will depict for you the number of overdue, complete and incomplete to-dos in a two week period, with today in the middle of that period. Green bars indicate that to-dos due on that date have been completed, while grey bars show incomplete to-dos in the future. Red bars indicate overdue to-dos according to their due date.

Below the graph, you'll see the list of your to-dos. Along with the to-do name, this list includes an indicator if the to-do has an associated signature request, the title of the workflow with which the to-do is associated (based on the workflow name and subject) and the due date. You'll also see a comments bubble where you can add comments about your to-do. To add a comment, click the comments button, add your comment and click Add Comment.

Comments will then appear below the to-do name.

For to-dos that do not have a signature request, you can click the check mark to the left of the to-do name to mark it as complete. The to-do will disappear, moving to your Completed list. As appropriate, the graphic above will update to reflect a completed to-do.

For to-dos that have an associated signature request that are indicated by the blue document icon, click on the name of the to-do to begin the process of document signing, then click Start at the bottom of the initial preview page.

A set of arrows in the lower left will guide you through each potential entry point in the document, and you can scroll through the document above. Each entry point will include instructions for the information being requested. You may download a copy of the entire document to review by clicking Download in the lower right.


Documents may have a number of different input types that may be requested of you, including:

  • Signature, where you will sign using your mouse; click Sign Here for the entry box
  • Initials, where you will use your mouse to enter your initials; click Sign Here for the entry box
  • Text box, where you will enter text
  • Date box, where you will enter the date; clicking Mark as Today will enter today's date
  • Check box, where you can check or uncheck any defined boxes 

When signing a document, you can use your mouse to enter your signature as shown below. Click Clear to erase the signature and start over. Once done, click Confirm Signature.

Once you have completed your entries, click Submit in the lower right. You will be shown a preview of the document with the entries that you made. You may edit the document again by clicking Edit. Otherwise, click Confirm & Submit to complete the document. 

Completed signature requests will appear in your documents section, within the Signed Documents folder.

It's possible that you are also in the queue for a signature request, but are awaiting someone else to sign the document first. These will have the word pending next to the title. Once the other party has signed the document, it will become available for you to sign.

To view your Completed to-do list, click Show Completed below the open to-do count. Completed to-dos can be re-opened by clicking the green check mark. You can also view the associated document for a completed signature request by clicking on the to-do name.