Administrators have access to view status reports that have been submitted throughout the organization. These are available only to administrators, and can be found by navigating to the Status Reports page in Company Info. There are two menu options here: All Reports and Collected Reports.

All reports lists every status report, company or group, that has been assigned in the organization. Click any status report to view its contents where the report has been completed. To locate status reports for a specific user, enter that employee's name in the search box beneath the Author header. These status reports can also be sorted by due date (ascending or descending), or filtered on status (In Progress, Completed or Overdue).

Collected Reports provides our consolidated status report to include all users that have been assigned to complete that status report. Click any report name to view that collected report. This report is filterable by the Form completed, sortable by Due Date (ascending or descending) and also filterable by any author (user) that has been assigned a report.