You can view all reviews about your team members on  your dashboard via the Reviews tab by selecting the My team list. This will show every review, whether it is currently active, was completed in the past or is scheduled to occur in the future. You can even access those reviews that may have been done by others before you became someone's manager.

You can filter this list by the review subject or the status, as well as change the sort from ascending to descending. Click View next to the name of the review to open it.

You can view any form by clicking View to see the contents of the form (assuming they are completed or it was one that you worked on). 

You may also click Edit to change the parameters of a form. For example, some reviews may have unassigned forms. These are forms that are scheduled as part of a review template, but for which you have to determine who will fill out the form. You can then modify authors or signers, as well as due dates, for the form you are editing. 

Depending on your permissions, you may also have the ability to add a form or add an external review form under the Options menu in the upper right, edit the review’s name or delete the review entirely. You will also see an option to View All Answers where you can see a single page with responses from all assigned forms. Note that clicking Delete Review will permanently delete the review from PerformYard.