Review cycles are the assignment of the same review template to a set of employees. These work well when you are going to be doing the same review for a group or perhaps employees in similar positions. Cycles also provide visualization opportunities where you can see review results across multiple subjects. To create or manage a review cycle, navigate to the Reviews page under Company Info menu. You will see listed any existing cycles; you can also navigate to the All Reviews list to see any review done in PerformYard.

To schedule a new review cycle, click New Review Cycle and set the parameters for the cycle including:

  • The cycle name
  • The subjects of each review – type and select individuals, use a group name to bulk select or add all employees (then you can remove individuals with the X next to their name)
  • The template that you want to use for the cycle
  • The start date (and time) for the cycle
  • The group with which you want to associate the cycle (which gives Group Administrators access to the review cycle)

Once a cycle has been created, you can click on its name to see the cycle details. Cycle details include:

  • Cycle name
  • Start date
  • Template assigned
  • Due date
  • Number of reviews in the cycle
  • Pie charts indicating the number of reviews and forms fully complete
  • Bar charts indicating the overall author and signer completion

As well, you'll see a list of each subject reviewed in the cycle, including a link on the left to View their review. Additionally you have indicators for if the review has unassigned forms or includes external reviews. Then there are bar charts for author completion, signer completion and form completion.

An Options menu in the upper left includes links to:

  • Visualize data, where you can create visualizations about the reviews in the cycle (covered here)
  • Edit the cycle’s parameters to change the name, start date and subjects
  • Download CSV to export the answers to all forms in the review cycle for all subjects
  • Copy the cycle to create a duplicate where you can edit parameters of the duplicate cycle
  • Delete cycle, where you can remove the cycle (only available for cycles that have not yet started or where there are no reviews in the cycle)

Editing the cycle is where you update parameters of the cycle. You can:

  • Update the cycle name
  • Add and remove subjects (note that removing a subject will cancel that individual’s review entirely and permanently remove it from PerformYard)
  • Change the start date (only if the review has not started yet)

Note that an employee can only be included in a cycle once.