You have the ability to customize your status report questions and the frequency of the report for the organization. To do so, navigate to the Status Reports page within Administration. You will see the Company Status report, along with the date it was last edited and the number of questions in the report. Note you may also see group-specific status reports in this list if any have been created. Click on the Company Status Report Form to edit that report format.

Once you have accessed the current report, you will have options to manage it. These include:

  • Adding questions
  • Editing or deleting existing questions
  • Editing the frequency of the report
  • Enabling or disabling the form entirely

To add a question, click Add Question and follow the wizard, starting with selecting the question type. There are 5 types of questions, plus the ability to add instruction text specific to that question. These question types are:

  • Long answer – Text boxes where employees can write detailed answers; the most open ended question type
  • Multi-line answer – Bulleted lists where employees can add as many or as few bullets as they want
  • Numeric – Questions seeking an answer in the form of a number only; contains options for min/max and to allow decimals/integers
  • Date – Employees select a date using a calendar function
  • Multiple choice – Questions where employees can select one from a pre-defined list of choices; maximum 20 answer choices

Overall instruction text is also available. This includes two different types of text - main headers and detailed text.

You have the ability to edit any question, including changing its type, as well as copy any question. Further, questions can be deleted by using the red X on the left, or re-ordered by using the grippers on the right and dragging the question to a new location.

You can preview any form by clicking Preview. The format of your questions as they will appear to someone answering them will appear.

Click Save Form to commit any changes to the questions in your status report.

If you are establishing a status report for the first time, the first report will be provisioned the day after the current due date. For example, if you set up and enable a new status report on 3/31 with a current due date of 4/3, the first report will be created on 4/4 with a due date of 4/17 (assuming a bi-weekly frequency) as displayed in the following picture.

Please note that updates to your status report will take effect the next time the report is provisioned. This means that any existing forms that employees are doing will not be changed. As an example, if your current report is due this coming Friday and you make changes on Wednesday, you are not changing the report that is already out and due on Friday, but rather the next one. As shown in the example below, changing the report on 5/5 that is due on 5/15 will not result in changing the current version, but rather the one that is provisioned on 5/16 and due on 5/29.

Updating your frequency for a status report is done by clicking Edit Frequency. Frequency options include:

  • Weekly, where you select the day of the week
  • Bi-weekly, where you select the day of the week and for which of the next two weeks the next report is due
  • Monthly, where you select the 1st or 15th of the month

Should you change the frequency of a report, you will be moving the due date for any report that is currently outstanding.

You may disable your status report by unchecking the box beneath the word Enabled. Note that this will not remove any outstanding versions of the status report, but rather not provision new reports after the current one.