Groups in PerformYard are collections of employees with common organizational characteristics. Groups are used in a few ways as shortcuts to executing processes for multiple, similar people:

  • To assign review cycles to a common group
  • To assign a specific status report (set of questions/frequency)
  • To assign the same goal to multiple people

To manage groups, navigate to the Groups link within the Administration menu.

To create a new group, click Add Group and provide a name for your new group.

Create a group in PerformYard

To administer any existing group, click on the group name to access the group's roster and management options.

Manage a group in PerformYard

Here you can:
  • Edit the group name, by clicking Edit Group
  • Add employees to the group, by clicking Add Employees and selecting those folks to put into the group (note: this may result in removing a user from another group)
  • Removing a user from the group by clicking the X to the right of the employee's title
  • Manage the group's status report, under the Status Report tab