Administrators are able to access necessary functionality to set up PerformYard for their organization via additional menu options available in the header bar.

Company Info contains additional links to functionality related to Reviews, Status Reports, Goals Reporting, and Workflows. 

  • Reviews - Administrator access to create and manage review cycles and manage reviews
  • Goals - This tab has three sub tabs, of which one is admin only:
    • Overview - Includes a set of graphical representations of goal performance across the entire organization
    • Alignment - Shows a dynamic view of the relationship of active goals to the organization's Top Goals
    • Goals - Administrator access to view all goals consolidated from across your organization
  • Reporting - Administrators can create and save reports on data fields; three additional reports are available:
    • Recent Changes - Details changes to data fields over time
    • Forms Report - Lists all review forms that have been launched
    • To-dos Report - Lists all workflow to-dos that have been launched
  • Workflows - Administrators manage workflow assignments 

The Gear icon in the upper right allows you to reach the Administration menu where you'll be administering users and putting in place the building blocks for usage. The left-hand menu contains the following links to manage your organization:

  • Home - Includes basic information about your organization in PerformYard and allows management of features (enabling/disabling)
  • Employees - Contains a list of your current employees; search and filters allow you to locate specific employees. Controls dropdown menu allows you to add a single employee, mass upload employee data, and download all employee data. Clicking on the Gear icon will allow you to change an employee's permission level and send invitations.
  • Reviews - Create and edit review forms and templates
  • Goals – Manage permission settings, create and manage both categories and outlooks
  • Groups - Create and manage groups
  • Feedback - Manage permission settings, create and manage hashtags
  • Data Fields - Create and manage custom data fields, including the visibility and edibility
  • Workflows & Signature Requests – Create workflow templates and signature request documents to be added to workflows
  • Billing - Billing Administrators are able to purchase seats and pay invoices
  • Documents - Contains PerformYard Master Subscription Agreement
  • Welcome - Customize the welcome screen your employees see when logging into PerformYard for the first time.