Creating and managing user accounts in PerformYard is very straightforward. Navigate to the Administration page and select the Employees link on the left-hand side. Here you'll see a summary of your active employees and their permission level. You'll also see an indicator if the user has signed in and if they are assigned to do status reports.

The Controls menu provides access to a set of functions related to managing users.

  • Add Employee, where you'll create a new user account
  • Show Deactivated Employees, where the list of employees will increase to include any past employees
  • Upload CSV, where you can add new users and update user data via CSV import
  • Download CSV, where you can get an export of all active user information

To add a new user, select Add Employee. Here you'll be able to enter in basic user information to create the user's account. First name, last name and email address are required. Other fields are optional when creating an account.

Enter the employee's name and email address. Also select if you want the employee to immediately receive an email to access PerformYard. If you do not immediately send the invitation, you will be able to do so using the icon on the far right hand side of the employee list.

You can manage any user's information by clicking on that person's name, where you'll be taken to their Details page. Click Edit Employee to update any data fields. You can also click any field name on the Details page to see a history of that field.

To deactivate an account, edit that employee's details and click Deactivate Employee at the bottom of the page. You can re-active any user by finding them in the list of employees (after selecting Show Deactivated Employees in the Controls list), clicking on their name and selecting Reactivate Employee.