Reviews can take many forms and involve many different people in PerformYard. These can be performance check-ins, manager reviews, self evaluations or peer reviews - really whatever your organization would like to set up. 

Navigating to forms that you have to complete is straightforward, click on the Reviews tab and you're defaulted to the Forms I need to do list. This listing includes the name of the review form and its subject, the author's and signer's the due dates, and the current status of the form. The subject might be you, in the case of a self evaluation, a direct report or a peer. The status may include that the form is:

  • Available for you to fill out
  • Available for you to sign off
  • Awaiting submission where you are awaiting someone else to complete their action (authoring or signing) before you can complete your action

You can click Add Filters to filter by the subject of the review or the status of the form, as well as change the sort (between ascending and descending) for the due dates.

To fill out a form, click View to the left of the form you want to complete. You'll be asked a series of questions about the subject of the review.

The control box on the right hand side will display the actors (authors and signers) involved in completing the form, if the form is viewable by the subject of the review when complete, along with other options. As you begin to fill out the form, click Save For Later to store your answers and revisit at a later time. When the form is complete, you can submit the review to the next author or for sign off by clicking the green Submit button. Alternately, you can use the Options menu to:

  • Save for Later to store your answers
  • Submit
  • Save & Launch Dual View
  • Download as PDF to export a pdf version of the review

To sign off on a form, click View to the left of the form name on the Reviews tab for which you want to sign. You can view the answers provided by the author(s) of the form, click the Sendback here hyperlink to the right of author names to reopen the form with comments as to why you are sending the form back, and choose to sign off. To complete the sign off, click the Sign Off button and enter any optional comments you want about the review form.

You can also view past forms that you completed, either as the person responsible for filling out the form or as a person that signed off on the form by selecting the Forms I did list. Here you'll see a listing of every form in which you participated, also filterable by subject or status, and sortable by completion date.

You can even reopen a form you have worked on, but only if the next person in line for action has not completed their part. For example, if you submitted a form you completed and the next person in the list is assigned to sign the review, you can re-open this if it is unsigned. To do so, click onto a form that you submitted but hasn't been signed, and click the Reopen button on the right hand side. This opens the form for you to make changes, and then you can either Save for Later or Submit depending on your preference.