Once you have created a goal in PerformYard, it's easy to update progress and maintain goal information, all from the Goals tab. The Goals tab has your list of “My Goals” on the left and, if you are a manager, a list for your team’s goals. You’ll see statistics for the goals listed, including their average completion percentage, the number of goals recently updated and the outlook of each goal. These lists default to active goals, but you can use the filter option above the statistics to locate completed or archived goals, change the sort or filter by other options.

In the list of goals, you’ll see the Assignee (which could be someone else that has shared their goal with you), the name, due date, status and progress for the goal. There are also three indicators, which show the transparency (public/private), if the goal is shared and if there have been updates to the goal you have not yet viewed.

To work with a goal, click on the goal's name. You’ll see the basic information of the goal at the top, including the assignee, anyone the goal has been shared with, current and target values along with start and due dates. Then you’ll see a graph depicting the goal’s progress over time.

On the right side, you’ll see a detailed activity history for the goal, capturing all of the updates, comments and changes made.

The Options menu has a few choices for things you can do to the goal, and then you can also Comment or Update the goal using the buttons at the top of the Activity Stream. Within Options, you can:

  • Mark as Complete, which will prompt you to enter a final value, comment and as-of date.
  • Update, which will prompt you for a new value and comment, along with as-of date.
  • Edit, which will allow you to change the name, description and other details of the goal.
  • Archive, which will remove the goal from your Active list but not mark the goal as Complete. A goal must first be archived to be deleted by a user with the appropriate permissions.
  • Copy, which will allow you to create a new goal using this goal’s parameters as a starting point.
  • Hide Activity Stream, which will minimize the activity stream on the right hand side.

Depending on a goal status the option list may provide different choices including delete. 

Further down the page, you’ll see more details about the goal, along where you can make some additional changes and updates, including:

  • Adding and removing Categories
  • Sharing the goal with other employees, and removing someone with whom the goal has been shared
  • Updating the Outlook that you have set for the goalAdditionally, you’ll be able to see which goal this one is aligned to and the privacy level. To change those items, you'll need to Edit the goal under the Options menu. You will also see any goals that have aligned to this goal (called Children). 

The checklist at the bottom allows you to create and "check off" activities that support completion of the goal. You can add as many checklist items as desired and get the satisfaction of checking off those completed items.

Depending on options set by your organization's administrators, employees and/or their manager may have the option to delete a goal entirely out of PerformYard. Administrators can always delete goals entirely. Note that a goal must first be archived under the Options menu for the Delete option to appear in the Options menu if enabled for your user role.