Goals are a way for employees and managers to track progress to professional objectives over time. On their goals page, each employee has a Create Goal button on the left side to launch the goal creation wizard to enter new goals into PerformYard. Follow the prompts of the wizard, including the advanced options if needed.

Items to include when creating a goal include:

  • Goal name - the title of your goal.
  • Target and units – the means by which you will measure progress. This defaults to 100%, but can be changed to match the specific goal.
  • Goal description – the details of the specific goal.
  • Goal assignment – the person to which you are assigning this goal. A manager can assign goals directly to their direct reports, and you can include multiple users here where you create an individual goal for each person.
  • Start date – the date when your goal begins, defaulted to the day of creation.
  • Due date – the date when the goal is expected to be completed.
  • Initial value – if you are beginning your goal with progress other than zero, enter the progress you have made relative to the target as of the start date you have set; defaults to zero if left blank.
  • Transparency level – choose between Public (where your goal can be linked to or from others via the goal alignment) or Private (where the goal is only accessible to the employee, their manager and administrators)
  • Goal category – the associated tags for your goal based on those categories created within your organization
  • Goal alignment – select another goal within the organization that this goal supports. You can search goals based on Title, Assignee or Categories.


The below image demonstrates how to use the goal alignment picker.

Click the Create Goal button to establish the new goal. At this point, you can either create another goal (using this one as a starting point) or you can click “Go to Goals List” to access all of your goals. From that list, you can then view the details of any goal, track progress and interact with your manager about the goal.