Every week (or every other week or monthly) employees submit status reports to their managers. If you are a manager (meaning that other employees report directly to you in PerformYard), there are a few ways to read the status reports from your team.

First, you can review the any past report from someone that reports to you using My Team’s Reports. Click on the Status tab and select the My Team’s Reports list on the left hand side. This list will show every past status report from those people that report to you. An indicator number next to the list name will tell you how many status reports you have not read yet.

The list will include the name of the status report and the author’s name, as well as due date and status. You can filter by author as well as status. The statuses include:

  • In Progress for the current period’s report that has not yet reached its due date 
  • Completed for any past report that you can review
  • Overdue for any report that is past its due date but not yet submitted
  • Unread for any report that has been submitted, but that you have not yet reviewed

Highlight and click to report you want to review based on the employee and the date the report was due.

Second, you can review a Collected report that consolidates all inputs from your direct reports into a single view. Collected reports are saved based on exactly who reported (and submitted) to you at the time the report was due. Click on the Status tab and select the My Collected Reports list. This list will show the name of the report, due date, the number of reports that are included in that collected report (with submission status) and images of some of those employees.

Highlight and click to review the Collected report for that time period.

Third, you can also find status reports directly on one of your direct reports' pages. Locate the user's employee page by selecting that user in your list of Direct Reports on your details tab.

Alternately, use the search function in the upper left.

Click on the Status tab for that user and select the user's Past Reports list on the left hand side.

Highlight and click the past status report you want to read.


If you are a manager of managers (meaning your direct report also has direct reports), you can view the Collected Reports submitted to that person.